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LATEST India's newest edge data centre platform to invest in 70+ markets rollout...

Phased digital infrastructure deployment seeks to build data centers aimed at 90% of the country’s population which currently has...

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Company aims to offer Edge services from colocations in 70 cities nationwide

MetaEdge launched this month, aiming to serve Edge customers in tier-two cities across the country. It has initially launched, however, in three of India's major metros.

MetaEdge® revolutionizes cloud connectivity with next-gen edge data center platform for...

MetaEdge®, an Indian platform for edge data centers, focuses on interconnecting cloud content and consumers...

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Metaedge introduces edge data center platform to unlock access to services across India

Metaedge, an India-based platform for edge data centers, unveiled its next-generation edge data center platform to meet the growing demands of India’s internet users...

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