Corporate Materials

Looking for a Logo? You’ve come to the right place! But before we share, please read and comply with all rules below to ensure you’ve respecting our brand, trademarks, and restrictions.

The Logo

MetaEdge’s logo is precisely proportioned and must be used as-is without alterations. The primary logo is comprised of two parts: a logomark and a wordmark. They appear together always in horizontal arrangement (and in two colorways).

MetaEdge Corporate Materials
MetaEdge corporate Materials
The size, position, and relationship between the logomark and the wordmark must remain intact, and the logo’s shape, proportions, colors, and orientation must not be changed.
The logomark and wordmark should never appear alone.

Minimum Size

To ensure the MetaEdge logo remains clear and legible, there is a minimum allowed size, based on the size of the logo. The logo must be no smaller than 149px in digital, and 40mm in print.
MetaEdge logo size
Any resizing must be done proportionally to the original flies.


The Primary MetaEdge color palette is made up of our core colors.

Color Code

Hex Color: #5c53db
RGB: 92,83,219
CMYK: 80,71,0,0
second metaedge coloor

Color Code

Hex Color: #ffffff
RGB: 255,255,255
CMYK: 0,0,0,0


When using the MetaEdge logo, please accept all the guidelines on this page at all times. Please do not use alter logo flies in any way except proportional resizing. If you’re unsure of proper use, Please ask us.
Don’t use unapproved color.
MetaEdge logo dont
Don’t stretch or distort.
MetaEdge logo dont
Don’t use or add gradients.
MetaEdge logo dont
Don’t use or add shadow.
MetaEdge logo dont
Don’t use rotate or skew.
MetaEdge logo dont
Don’t use transparency.

Text Display

When written as text (eg. In articles, emails, etc.) MetaEdge is always a capitalized word: uppercase “M”, lowercase “eta”, uppercase “E”, and lowercase “dge”. It should not be written as “metaedge” (all lowercase) or “METAEDGE” (all uppercase).

Download the MetaEdge® Logo pack